Flue Pipe for Wood Pellet Stoves

Household heating using renewable energy

Parts and accessories for wood pellet stoves

Chinese Hat / Rain hat

Chinese Hat / Rain hat

Increasing Adaptor external view

Enables connection to the UK standard 125mm diameter flue

Pellet stove connecting flue 1.0m

NXED 01 is a 1000mm length extruded stainless steel flue pipe

NXED 02 is a 500mm length stainless steel flue pipe

90 degree elbow with door

NXCI 90 is a wide radius 90° elbow with inspection hatch

45 degree pellet stove flue elbow

NXCQ is a M/F 45° elbow

Stainless steel pellet flue Tee

NXRT 09 is a F/F/M 90° TEE DN 80

Dust collection/inspection hatch for Tee

NXTC 84 is a Stainless Steel Blind plug

N10070 is a wall cover rose

N11044 is a F/F sleeve

NXET 04 is a M/F telescopic sleeve

N11015 is a M/M sleeve

A quick clamping wallband

Anti-intrusion grid with anti-rain cap DN 80

A Spare gasket DN 80 (silicone)

Aliminium ducting 2.0m

N11023 is a 2000mm length extruded aluminium flue pipe